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Rhed’s Indulgence offers an array of delicious luxury Indulgences.From fine pastries, to layered or cold desserts as well as tastefully crafted cakes; we do it all and Oh so well!

Everyday Treats 

These are baked goods available everyday (until sold out) at the bakery. They are Cupcakes, Cake loafs, Breads, Cakes in Cups, Banana Bread Variants.

Pre-booked Treats

These are also mini treats but have to be booked ahead of time.Pies, Doughnuts, Cake rounds(Carrot, Fruit cake or any mini cake round) and Cinnamon rolls.

Budget Cakes

We have something for everyone, because everyone deserves to indulge.These are our Rhed-On-the-Go cakes and Mini 6″ cakes

Luxury/Premium Cakes

These are our statement cakes, with a variety of cake flavour option, designs and delicious cake fillings. Designs are custom made to suite the taste of client and kind of occasion.Flavours include Rhed’s Velvet, Rhed Velvet Coffee, Vanilla, Vanilla-Oreo, Vanilla-Coconut, Vanilla-Chocolate-chip, Dark Chocolate, Bailey’s Chocolate, Choco Marble, Carrot, Caramel, Nutty Carrot, Lemon, Coconut, Banana, Chocolate Banana, Banana-Coconut, Banana Chocolate chips.

Fillings include Swiss meringue cream, French Cream, Italian meringue Cream, Cream Cheese, Whipped Vanilla Meringue, Cheesecake, White Chocolate cream, Caramel, Nutty-Caramel, Chocolate ganache, Oreo overload, Chocolate mousse.


These are our BESTSELLER Cakes and fillings combination 🔥

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